This is what we do



Two Hands offers a home, education, food and care to the nine children now living at the orphanage. The house is owned by the association’s founder Ms. Grace Ertzgaard, and located in a simple residential area of ​​Lira. Two of Grace Ertzgaard famlily members live at the orphanage and look after the children on a daily basis.





Two Hands is committed to making the orphanage more self-sufficient. Through contributions from our donors, we have initiated three projects that generate food and income to the home:







Small chicken farm with 25 chickens that provide eggs and meat for special occasions.


Goat house


There are now more than 20 goats and they are becoming more by the number. Goat meat is very popular in Uganda for celebrations and special occasions, so these goats represent a good income for the orphanage.

Vegetable Garden

The orphanage grows their own vegetables like corn, tomatoes, cassava, sweet potatoes for their own use. In time, they will also make money selling.


The goal is to generate more regular donors so that the orphanage can accommodate more children. Some of the children have younger siblings who remain in the refugee camp Olilim.

Our desire is to get them out of the camp as soon as possible.